Good communication systems are crucial for businesses to thrive. Businesses with the best communication systems tend to be the most effective for obvious reasons i.e. client communication can be received effectively and acted upon immediately. At the centre of all communication systems are phone systems.

Phone systems are undoubtedly the most effective and popular communication systems because they are fast, reliable, universal and they also allow immediate feedback. Although there are very many other communication systems available today, phone systems are the most important in any business premises.

It is however important to note that different phone systems offer different capabilities. This is precisely why you need to insist on getting the best phone system for your business. Our Avaya IP Office phone system is the newest and most popular small business phone system among our clients.

There are many reasons behind this the most notable being the fact that the phone system is accurate, increases productivity and lets employees take full control of their own time. Below are 3 Avaya IP Office phone system features considered the favourites  among our clients.

1. The ability to listen to voicemail messages from your email account

Typical small business phone systems don’t have this crucial feature. Our Avaya IP Office phone system makes it extremely easy to listen to voicemail messages from your clients. Instead of having to dial your voicemail, enter your password and push a few more buttons before listening to your voicemail messages, all you need to do is click play from within you email on your computer, smartphone or tablet to listen to voicemail messages. It’s that easy, fast and convenient.

It gets better! You can enjoy more conveniences depending on how you configure your business phone. For instance, you can save voicemail messages for future references as well as organize voicemail messages into folders in your email program for easy retrieval. It’s also possible to transcribe voicemail messages into written words using an online service, forward/transfer voicemails to coworkers, email voicemail messages, setup alerts on your Smartphone (i.e. to get an alert on your smartphone when you receive a new voicemail message) and so much more. Once you install our Avaya IP Office Phone system, you can leave the office and never have to worry about missing important phone calls ever again.

Please note we offer demos illustrating how this feature works so, don’t hesitate to visit our offices or check out our illustration videos on this and many other amazing Avaya IP Office phone system features.

2. Twinning

Our Avaya IP Office phone system also gives you twinning abilities. This feature makes sure you don’t miss any call regardless of your location. You could be away from your desk in the office, at home, out for lunch/coffee, or anywhere else, but still be able to pick calls like you while seated at your office desk. Twinning ensures your desk phone, Smartphone or cell phone rings when your extension is dialed. When you pick up calls, your other phone (desk phone) stops ringing. Our clients love this feature because it makes it possible for all their clients to reach them with a single phone number.

Most small business phone systems don’t offer this incredible feature. Your office extension can ring on your cell phone, home phone or any other phone you like when you get our Avaya IP Office phone system. What this means is; you never have to give up your cell phone number to your clients if you don’t want to and you still won’t miss any important calls when you’re away from the office. Twinning also makes it easy for your clients to reach you anywhere because you only need to give out one number regardless of your location.

You’ll also be able to manage your voicemail better since you only need one voicemail box. Considering you can turn twinning on and off as you wish with the push of a button, it doesn’t get better than this feature when it comes to managing calls when you are out of the office.

Why business owners love twinning

Twinning has very important benefits to business owners. Look at it this way; Salespeople usually give out their official contacts. They never have to share their personal cell phone numbers with clients unless its absolutely necessary i.e. its the only way to reach them. What happens when a salesperson leaves your company and your customers keep calling their personal number? That’s not good. Twining makes sure leads come to the company first before being diverted to employees.

Business owners also love twinning because it makes it extremely easy to reach employees wherever they are. When a business owner wants to reach an employee, all they have to do is dial their extension and the call will be routed directly to the employee. As a business owner, you can also get urgent calls to your office even when you are away. You don’t therefore need to leave out-of-office messages/instructions to anyone.

3. Call screening

Our clients also love our Avaya IP Office phone system because of its call screening feature. This feature is also absent in many small business phone systems. Not anymore! Call screening is a perfect feature for you if you like to take full control of your time. Let’s face it! Phone calls can be very distractive especially when you are doing something important. Call screening allows you the liberty of picking urgent calls only. You don’t need to answer phone calls first to know who is calling or whether that phone call is urgent. Of course, we aren’t recommending that calls are ignored but sometimes you might have a project deadline and it would be difficult to answer any calls—except the most urgent ones.

This feature allows you to see who is calling and hear messages that are left on your voicemail in real-time. You are therefore in a better position to decide which calls to pick immediately, ignore or respond to later. Like twinning, our call screening feature is very easy to use. You just need to press a few buttons to activate the feature.


The above information highlights the features our clients love most about our Avaya IP Office phone system. After going through the above information, you shouldn’t have a problem realizing how valuable our new phone system will be to your business. First and foremost, the phone system is very easy to use. The phone system also has very many useful features that make it extremely easy and convenient to communicate. The voicemail to email feature allows you to access voicemail messages from any device, quickly and easily. You can also save, sort, forward, delete voicemail messages or transcribe messages (transcribing messages can be done with third party software from companies like Nuance).

Twinning allows your customers to contact you anywhere you want by calling one number. There is no need to give out two or three numbers which makes it very easy for your clients to contact you. Call screening lets you choose which calls to pick. You couldn’t ask for a better small business phone system when you can get our Avaya IP Office phone system.

Every ambitious entrepreneur knows the importance of having an good phone system. Don’t be left behind! Read the Avaya IP Office Small Business eBook(PDF).

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It’s also possible to lease the system making a new phone system affordable for anyone who wants to improve communications.

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