THUNDER BAY, ON – November 18, 2022

TELECO, a leading managed technology services provider (MTSP), recently announced they’ve partnered with Jones Insurance in order to simplify the complex processes involved with acquiring cybersecurity and
cybersecurity insurance. While most businesses understand they need some form of cybersecurity or cybersecurity insurance to keep themselves protected in the modern age, lots of small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) who initiate this process quickly discover they don’t have what they need in terms of hardware, software or employee training in order to qualify for affordable cybersecurity insurance. In order to ensure that SMBs get access to affordable cybersecurity insurance without causing unnecessary headaches, TELECO and Jones Insurance are working on a “Done-for-You Cybersecurity Insurance” Program, whereby both companies will work together on the business owner’s behalf to completely streamline this process which is especially vital for industries that require cybersecurity compliance standards.

Most business owners understand the importance of a cybersecurity program, especially after many high-ticket data breaches have been publicized in mainstream media. According to a study from IBM, “The global average cost of a data breach is $4.35M,” which has implored many businesses to revisit their cybersecurity defense strategy, or at a minimum to secure cybersecurity insurance. With such a staggering
potential cost, most small businesses could not sustain such a loss which is why many businesses have turned to cybersecurity insurance to ensure that a single hacker can’t put them out of business. However, in order to gain access to affordable cybersecurity insurance, there are tons of different forms which ask highly technical questions that most business owners would need a degree in cloud computing in order to answer, themselves. So, TELECO and Jones Insurance saw this as an opportunity to work together and remove all of headaches from the process so that businesses can immediately assess, mitigate and address any cybersecurity challenges they face. With so they can get back to focusing on the more important task, which is growing their own business.

 “Unless you’re already an IT expert, it’s tough to know if you’re compliant with your industry regulations,” stated Penny Belluz, Director of Operations. “Most business owners either don’t have anything in place, they don’t have an IT person or don’t know which solutions they’re currently using, which is precisely why so many cybercriminals have begun to target underprepared small businesses. However, a little protection can go a long way, shielding them from unnecessary liability. One of the first things businesses should do is to run a scan on the dark web to see if any employee (or former employee) credentials have been leaked and are available for sale. Our program was established to empower businesses to address this threat quickly and completely, which is why we worked so hard to remove the guesswork, so businesses can immediately qualify for max coverage with minimal effort on their part.”

Jeff Jones, President of Jones Insurance, also commented, “With a shared passion for innovation and finding value for our clients, the collaboration of Jones Insurance and Teleco to develop an end-to-end cybersecurity plan was a natural evolution. We take an integrated approach and leverage our expertise to safeguard our clients from the outcomes of cyberattacks through custom risk mitigation services
and tailored insurance solutions. Together, we aim to protect the local business community through these collaborative solutions so they can do what they do best; take risks, create opportunities, and serve their customers.”

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