Teleco, a leading managed technology services provider (MTSP),
announced today that the company is leveraging the power of Microsoft
Teams to help companies collaborate faster and more effectively. As we
enter a new decade, the workforce is changing drastically, both in demographic and behavioral tendencies. Millennials soon will make
up the majority of the workforce and “by 2025, 3 out of every 4 workers,
globally, will be a millennial,” (source: TIME Magazine). Millennials and
Generation Z have a preference for working remotely and utilizing
collaboration enabling tools.

Microsoft Teams is a representation of the way that communication has changed the way we work and is set to become the new standard in collaboration and professional communication, posing many new opportunities for enhanced productivity amongst SMBs. Teleco is helping businesses reinvent themselves and remain relevant with advanced technology, so they can reach higher heights than ever before.

“There are myriad of collaboration tools out there, but the core reason that SMBs will be utilizing Microsoft Teams in the future is because it increases an organization’s capacity to collaborate, but more importantly, they can collaborate securely,” stated Penny Belluz, Director of Operations of Teleco. This tool goes far beyond our traditional paradigm of workplace communication, which included emails, office phones and conference
calls. The dominant channels of communication have shifted to a wider
array, including, real-time collaboration, private chat, public conversation, audio calls, video calls and virtual meetings, all of which are encompassed in the Microsoft Teams solution.

The younger players in the workforce, Millennials and Gen Z find
this assortment of communication tools to be integral to their success in any organization. This is why Teleco is leading the charge on the deployment of Microsoft Teams, because it is the ideal way to meet the needs of younger employees while simultaneously maximizing the effectiveness of more seasoned workers. “There’s a reason that Microsoft is including emojis and GIFs in the software, they understand who are the power users will be and how businesses need to adapt now, in order to keep attracting top talent in the future,” added Belluz.

Another key trend amongst SMBs is that more companies are going
international. Whether they’re relying on international suppliers and vendors, developers or virtual assistants, the demand for bridging language barriers has proven to be key in keeping businesses ahead of the curve when it comes to collaboration. One of the exciting features within Microsoft Teams is the ability to instantly translate languages in the chat or
messaging features, with one-click. “The world economy is going to
continue expanding and become more globally interactive,” commented
Belluz. “This is not going to slow down, in fact, it will only speed up.”

Lastly, companies that are concerned with the handling of sensitive information, which is especially important in industries like Financial and Healthcare, can rest assured that Microsoft Teams satisfies the requirements for compliance set by several governing agencies. Businesses
that want to increase their capacity for collaboration, innovation and relevance need to take a look at implementing technologies like Microsoft Teams.

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