• July 11, 2018
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Is Your Telecommunications Technician Certified?

If Not, Your Voice & Data System Could Be in Big Trouble

Telecommunications is a very dynamic industry that is constantly being enhanced by new technology. The technology is changing so rapidly that it’s vital for companies to ensure that their telecommunications provider stays on top of it. Unfortunately, too many businesses today continue to overlook this topic and do not ask a simple yet crucial question, “Is my telecommunication technician certified?” If the answer is a resounding yes, then you can probably put your mind at ease. However, if the answer is no, your company’s vital voice and data system could be in for a very painful surprise.

Would you let a mechanic that wasn’t properly trained work on your car? Probably not. So why not treat your voice and data system with the same care. It is just as important to make sure that your provider’s technicians understand the details behind their technology so they can properly install, service, and maintain your system to ensure its future reliability.
All too often businesses experience damaging affects by providers who don’t understand the technology they sell. The most common include:

  • Lost revenue due to system downtime
  • Increased costs from making repairs
  • Permanent damage to system components
  • Inability to effectively run the business

In order to combat these types of problems, leading telecommunications providers such as Teleco incur substantial costs to guarantee that highly certified industry technicians are tending their clients’ voice and data systems.
Teleco requires hours of rigorous educational training for sales people, management and most importantly technicians, so they can fully understand today’s state-of-the-art voice and data systems. Teleco believes certification is an extremely valuable investment for both their employees as well as each one of their clients.

Penny Belluz, Director of Operations of Teleco, said that its service technicians are comprised of professionals who enjoy being in the forefront of new emerging technologies. Their dedication, combined with the body of knowledge acquired from certified training’s, ensures Teleco’s customers that their voice and data system will be serviced quicker, faster and better, all in a cost-effective manner.
“Teleco understands that it takes a high level of commitment and dedication to provide our technicians with the latest education and certification on convergent technologies,” said Belluz. “Our customers can rest assured that when one of our technicians comes to their place of business to service or repair a voice and data system, that they will be able to diagnose the problem quickly and provide unsurpassed service in a timely and cost-effective manner.”
Belluz said service technician training and certification benefits the end-user. “Today, when our clients require service assistance they can expect less downtime for their telecom system, which translates into greater revenue for their business.”
So if you don’t know the answer regarding your technician’s level of certification it may be time to ask. It’s much easier to prevent problems from occurring than take your chances with technicians who are less than knowledgeable about their technology.


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