• January 5, 2021
  • pbelluz
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Leading Managed Technology Services Provider Partners with Clear Cloud to Donate Funds to Charity on Behalf of New Customers

December 2020 – TELECO, a leading managed technology services provider (MTSP), announced today that it will be donating a percentage of its revenues to the United Way this holiday season. TELECO and Clear Cloud have come together to create a program whereby new customers who signed up for Hosted Voice through Clear Cloud had the price of their first
month of service charitably passed along to the United Way on their behalf.

TELECO is happy to announce that they have successfully raised and donated $3,000 to the United Way. In the wake of the current pandemic, many families have suffered from economic uncertainty, which has been
extremely challenging for some this holiday season. So, the leadership at TELECO has not only decided to take action but saw this as an opportune moment to give back to the community, which they feel so privileged to serve. TELECO has long been a pillar in the community as its services support the very lifeline that businesses rely on to stay connected with their customers.

This program is merely another way for them to express their commitment to the betterment of the community and to illustrate what’s possible through collaborative effort. TELECO has participated in many philanthropic efforts over the years, and they happen to be a big supporter of the United Way.

Director of Operations, Penny Belluz, states, “We appreciate how responsibly the United Way disperses funds which are important to us in any charitable effort. For us to create the maximum possible impact, we
have to work with amazing partners like the United Way who can maximize how far each dollar goes.” Later Belluz added, “We’re very excited for this
initiative, and we were thrilled to raise $3,000 for the United Way.

We’re happy to be in a position where we can contribute and hope our announcement will inspire more acts of kindness.” She then continued, “We consider it a privilege to serve such a fantastic community, and we’re always doing our best to leave a lasting impact on the individuals who are
a part of it. We feel that this is what true leadership is all about, leading by exemplary action and helping those in need.”


TELECO is a locally-owned technology company committed to delivering
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