• February 28, 2019
  • pbelluz
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Teleco, a leading managed technology services provider (MTSP), announced today that they have been invited to attend the 19th Annual Technology
Assurance Group (TAG) convention in Orlando, Florida. The event will take place on April 7-10, 2019 at the Rosen Plaza and will be comprised of North
America’s leading MTSPs. TAG is an international organization of independently-owned MTSPs who collectively represent nearly $350M in products and services. The purpose of the conference is to gather like-minded individuals in order to enhance one another’s business through the exchange of new ideas and collaborative effort. The event is invite-only
and is reserved for TAG Members, exclusively. “It is an honor to share our
knowledge and experiences with our colleagues,” stated Penny Belluz, Director of Operations of Teleco. “The TAG Convention is the premiere event in our industry and every year proves to be a valuable place for us to find new ways to serve our customers at an even higher level.”

In the rapidly changing technology sector, one of the key determinants of success is whether the organization is remaining current with contemporary market trends. In sum, technology changes very quickly and the only way an MTSP can make a real impact on their customers’ bottom-line, is by deciphering which technology solutions can add value and
coming up with creative ways to implement those solutions. At this
event, best practices and techniques to enhance customer experience and company culture will be revealed through various keynotes and break-out sessions. “Teleco is one of our top Members,” said Brian Suerth, President of TAG. “The company is the technology leader in their community with a focus on improving their customers’ profitability, productivity, and competitive advantages. We’re looking forward to their contributions to the collective mindshare.”