Security For Your Property and Your Network

With a video surveillance solution from TELECO, network cameras and accessories make your property and network more secure. Cutting-edge technology and innovative analytics lets you remotely monitor entrances, parking lots, warehouse and work spaces. As well as protecting your properties, we also ensure that your network is protected from hacking and other cyber-attacks by applying cybersecurity best practices and continuously addressing vulnerabilities and improving firmware. Read more here.


AXIS Certified

Congratulations to Alan Auld on completing the AXIS Certification program!  Two of our 7 core values at Teleco is Commitment and Personal Growth. Alan possessed both in committing to the training and acquiring the expert-level knowledge of the AXIS product suite, as well as, an overall deep knowledge of network video design and installation. If you are interested in network video and audio solutions, analytics and access control to protect your business, your team and your property contact us today


VoIP for Business – Why It Makes Sense


The importance of a flexible, mobile and scalable phone system to support business growth is important to businesses. In speaking with our clients that upgrade to our uCloud hosted VoIP phone system from their on-premise phone system this is what we hear the most from them of what they love.

  • Get Enterprise Level Features and Benefits – Especially for our small biz clients they love the enhanced features usually only available on a large enterprise system. Call recording, call queueing, voicemail to email and voicemail transcription, mobile app etc. are features they can take advantage of and make them more competitive in their market.
  • Less Cost – Save money by not having to buy any on-premise equipment and also save money by scaling up and down in users when required and deploy phones when you need them.
  • Long Term Investment  –  With technology advancements rapidly evolving they get to benefit immediately from new features and capabilities as they role out in the cloud. You don’t have to worry about expensive upgrades to benefit from the latest and greatest in tech features.

Teleco Educates SMB’s on Surveillance & Security Breakthrough

As security, both online and offline, has become a growing concern for many small business owners, TELECO is educating business owners on how recent advances in facial recognition and surveillance camera capabilities can protect their organizations from threats, while simultaneously enhancing customer experience. Read more here.

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