Why would you want surveillance video for your business?

One of the biggest benefits is a deterrent to crime and theft prevention.

Another benefit would be monitoring punctuality or productivity of staff. A record of activity can be stored to be reviewed later. So footage from stored videos can help you make correct and fair decisions when settling disputes and reviewing how staff handle angry or frustrated customers. Also with IP cameras remote access via a mobile phone or PC at home is quite simple. The resolution quality of modern cameras is quite good, often 1080p or better so videos are very detailed.

Unfortunately, cameras cannot be setup to view every square centimeter of a property and even with lots of cameras on a premises, criminals can find ways to avoid detection. Simply by covering the camera or keeping their head down they can make it difficult to identify the person or criminal activity especially when they are familiar with the location of cameras. Surveillance equipment will not stop a crime in progress and will not alert the police so will not replace an alarm system. Combined with an alarm system the two can be a very powerful tool.

Privacy concerns from patrons can be an issue. Some customers may have the impression that there is danger or risk if the business must take security precautions. Although nowadays most people recognize the need for this type of surveillance.

Determining the best video surveillance equipment for your business and dealing with the complexity of setup is not an easy task. To make sure your video coverage is sufficient, video archive time meets your requirements, location of cameras are positioned well and determining whether your current network is capable to handle the extra traffic I would highly recommend you consult with professionals. Our sales team can steer you in the right direction. Why not give them a call? It will not cost you anything to talk to our knowledgeable staff.

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