Celebrating 10 Years at Teleco!

Congratulations, Michael! This is one busy guy staying on top of a revolving door of inventory, as well as all the tech tools, equipment and maintaining accessibility of all stock. When not busy with Inventory he also supports our digital marketing by updating our website and video editing. We can also count on him to be our local BBQ Professional for BBQ Fridays!

Read more about Michael Gratton’s past 10 years with us here.

michael family

Congratulations, Ryan! Ryan’s IT expertise and willingness to lead by example have provided us with the foundation to continue growing and delivering value to our clients. Thank you, Ryan, for staying on top of the rapid changes in technology and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

Read more about Ryan’s past 10 years with us here.

Password Management for Protection

Did you know the average employee now needs to keep track of 191 passwords across their entire digital life? As a result, 66% of people mostly use the same passwords across multiple websites.

The result? A major rise of network vulnerabilities and exponential rates of cyber crime with business-debilitating costs

Read more about how you can combat this to protect your organization.

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Phishing emails are getting more and more sophisticated and convincing.


Tech Tip Tuesday: Using the uCloud Desktop Softphone App


Our uCloud clients receive regular Tech Tips so they can get the most out of their cloud-based technology. The latest tech tip dives into the uCloud desktop softphone app that allows users to make business calls without their business phone. It’s perfect for remote workers, team members who occasionally work from home on their business laptop, or employees who travel for work.

Watch this month’s tech tip to get a glimpse inside uCloud technology.