Celebrating Our Dedicated Team at Teleco!

Sean is a valuable member of #TeamTeleco and is very adept at problem solving, thinks strategically, has integrity, and has a love for technology and learning. 📚 He always offers a unique perspective with a zero-trust mentality, which is important in cybersecurity. When not at work, Sean can be found curling in the winter and gardening in the summer. Thank you, Sean, for 12 years of dedication to Teleco. 💙

Michael is our Inventory Manager and also looks after our website and does all our editing on our Tech Tip videos that go out monthly.  He’s also our official BBQ guy here in the summer.  Michael makes our back of the house run smoothly by managing all the equipment and material we need daily and improving efficiency so projects can stay on time and within budget. Cheers to completing your 11th work anniversary!

What is Outsourced IT Support?


Outsourced IT support is when you place your trust in a Managed Service Provider (MSP) to handle all your business’s IT. This can include 👇

✅ IT Infrastructure

✅ Cybersecurity

✅ Network Monitoring

✅ Cloud Migration

✅ Disaster Recovery

✅ Day-to-Day Help Desk Ticketing

✅ Much More

Outsourced IT is about building a partnership with an MSP that is invested in your business success. Learn more today 📩  

Is Your Business Prepared if a Disaster Strikes?


With the increased number of threats out there, all companies are at risk of disaster regardless of size. With a strong disaster recovery (DR) solution you can protect your business  from:🚫 Data Loss🚫 Business Interruption🚫 Expensive Recovery🚫 Losing Clients, Vendors and Business Partners

A Disaster Recovery Plan will enable you and your team to carry out a quick and organized plan for solving a crisis.  Contact us today and start the conversation.