What is Hot Desking?

Hot Desking lets you login to any office phone to make it your own in less than 10 seconds. This avoids reprogramming or re-wiring and gives you access to your extension anywhere in your office.

According to Avaya, the award manufacturer of business telephones, “Hot Desking allows users to log in at another phone. Their incoming calls are rerouted to that phone and their user settings are applied to that phone.” L

So what does this mean for your business?

Here is a common scenario. Let’s suppose you have a sales force of 10 staff and have 4 workstations and phones for your sales team because you never have more than 4 working in the office at any one time. You will want each staff to have their own extension, voicemail and direct number… but you only have 4 work areas. The solution is to use Hot Desking.

The salesperson would login to use a phone. This tells the system who is using the phone so that all the proper incoming calls, voicemail, call history, personal contacts, buttons, etc. are instantly working on that phone.  This is similar to several people sharing a computer with separate logins. Each person who logs in has access to only their information and programs.

Once the salesperson is finished using the phone and ready to leave the office to meet a client, they would logout. The next person using the phone would login to the phone system and start using that phone with all his or her personal information attached to that phone while he/she is logged in.

Hot Desking reduces business costs

You do not have to purchase a phone and have a workspace for every sales staff. Each sales staff would have their own direct number as well which can be published rather than their personal cell phone. Incoming calls to their direct number will be twinned to their cell phone whether they are Hot Desked or not. Another benefit is if you are using reporting software to see the activities of the phones then the data will be accurate with the actual staff name and extension rather than a generic user.

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