Hosted VoIP is becoming a more popular choice for small to mid-sized businesses.  It provides the latest technology feature advancements, un-matched flexibility, reliability and cost savings that all small to mid-size businesses want.

All business owners and managers are looking at their operation costs and trying to determine what they can eliminate, minimize or streamline.  Adopting hosted VoIP technology has an immediate positive effect on your bottom line.  It allows you to utilize your existing internet bandwidth instead of separate voice telephone lines. You also do not have to purchase the hardware to operate your telephone handsets. Instead you only have to invest in purchasing the individual VoIP telephones. No longer is your telephone system a large capital expense.

Hosted VoIP is also a perfect option for businesses and organizations that do not have an IT department or in-house expertise to manage their telephone
system. Service and maintenance is your hosted providers’ responsibility and the latest features, service upgrades and functionality updates are instant.

Business continuity is also an important consideration. As your telephone system is hosted in the cloud it is secure and backed up. If there was a disaster and your business needed to be relocated your telephone system would operate as usual regardless of location.

Hosted VoIP is a very scalable solution and flexible where you need it the most.  While traditional phone systems are designed for a specific number of employees – hosted VolP enables business owners to scale up or down
depending on their needs. A landscaping company may need five phones in the summer and only one during the winter months. A Hosted VoIP solution allows you to do this easily and cost effectively.  It’s also customizable to manage multiple locations with one platform and one convenient monthly bill. It’s also simple to integrate your smartphones and tablets into your communication system providing flexibility to your workforce.

Features, feature and more features! With hosted VoIP you can take advantage of features once available only to large enterprise based telephone systems.  Your business can take advantage of phone system features like music on hold, call reports, call monitoring, multilevel
auto attendants, dial by name directory, call recording, voice mail to
email, video conferencing and many more value added services.

When looking at your options, a hosted VoIP system for your business is a choice worth exploring. Contact a TELECO sales representative today.

Northwest Women’s Magazine May-2018