United Way Thunder Bay Employee Campaign

Feeling very proud that 100% of #TeamTeleco participated in our annual United Way Thunder Bay Employee Campaign. As a local business we are happy to contribute to the United Way to improve the quality of life for all local people.
  • Did you know approximately 42% of the United Way of Thunder Bay campaign comes from Employee Campaigns annually?
  • Did you also know that it doesn’t matter if your business has 2 people, 20 or 200 you can have an Employee Campaign?
  • Did you know every employee can choose how much to donate per paycheck?
  • Did you know your business can help improve local lives and build a better community through an Employee Campaign?
See our video  with our Teleco team sharing their experience participating in the United Way Employee Campaign. If you are interested in starting an Employee Campaign at your business, contact me, Penny Belluz.  I would love to help you!

How Do You Know When You Need A Phone Upgrade?

  • Boosting Productivity is Important to You  A cloud-based phone system will not go out of date or require maintenance from you, plus you will gain transformative new features like call queueing, call recording, voicemail  transcriptions, voicemail to email and find me anywhere tools.
  • Your Business is Growing (or You Want to Grow) A cloud based phone is very quickly deployable, easily scales with your changing team and enables your sales staff to receive every call and opportunity whenever, wherever with WiFi
  • You Have Multiple Locations Connect all your locations under one phone system and seamlessly connect regardless of location
  •  You Have Remote Workers Easily connect with remote workers by letting them take their VoIP phone home with them, use a softphone app on their computer or tablet or use the mobile app on their smart phone.
  • You Value Customer Service Your customer service employees can answer customer calls from anywhere at anytime. If your sales employees are often on-the-go, they’ll never miss an opportunity for new business or serving their customers.

Give your business a technological edge with these & more features:

  • Voicemail to email. Never call-in to listen to voicemails again!
  • Taking their VoIP deskphone home or camp
  • Click to Dial
  • Softphone communication on your laptop or tablet
  • Call Forward and Follow Me
  • Call Transfer to any coworker
  • Auto Attendant
  • Simultaneous Ring
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Only until the end of December:

🎁 $75 credit towards each new VoIP phone. 🎁 Keep your current business numbers. 🎁 No contract obligation.Speak with one of our uCloud experts today by replying to this email or booking directly into one of our calendars below!