Happy Anniversary!

This March and April we have been fortunate enough to celebrate 5 key employee anniversaries with the company. Just these 5 employees alone have 61 combined years with Teleco!

gerry van

Gerry Berezowski, Sr. Technician, 36 Years

spencer golf

Spencer Graham, Account Manager, 6 years

dave desk

David Miedema, Customer Advocate, 9 years


Chris Cannon, Senior IT Technician, 1 year

dan baby

Dan Cross, Senior Service Technician, 9 years

Don't Fall For Ukraine Donation Scams!

Unfortunately, Cyber criminals will take advantage of global crises and prey on the kindness of others who want to help. Before donating, it’s best to look up the organization online to confirm that it is legitimate. Be mindful about fraudulent texts, emails, and phone calls and don’t click on any links! Here is an article with more information on known fraudulent donation websites and tips to avoid these scams.

Training Your Employees Reduces Costs


Did you know that human error is responsible for 95% of data breaches in businesses, and did you know that 60% of businesses close within 6 months after a data breach?

The solution is simple: train your employees to reduce human error and protect your business.

By training your employees on Cybersecurity regularly, you will reduce threats, avoid downtime, improve customer confidence in the rising age of data breaches and your employees will be happier receiving regular training.

Hit “Learn More” below for a quick read on why training your employees regularly is good for business.

April Tech Tip Tuesday

Enhanced voicemail is a must for any business providing your employees with the ability to work more efficiently and productively. This month’s Tech Tip Tuesday training is short & sweet: you’ll learn how to maximize the benefits of your voicemail system to enhance your business’ performance in less than 4 minutes!