• November 28, 2022
  • michael gratton
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I have been working at Teleco wireless for a couple of months now and I would say that working here has been a great experience so far. I enjoy interacting with customers which makes working at Teleco all the more enjoyable. It is always nice being able to put a smile on a customers face after sorting out a technical problem or even helping them to get better deals on their services. I also noticed that Teleco has a lot of regular customers whom I am familiar with now and it is always a nice interacting with them.

I am currently a student enrolled in Lakehead University and in my final year as a geology major. I enjoy being outdoors and actively working due to my energetic nature. I am working part-time in Teleco as it can be coordinated with my school schedule.

My main reason that I believe I am a great fit for Teleco wireless is that I am very knowledgeable about technology and mobile devices which makes it easy for me to help the customers in their decisions as it relates to their device needs. I also find it easy to adapt to and understand new device releases as I study them in my free time as a hobby.

It will be great to see what the future holds for me and I am glad to have Teleco as a part of my journey.

I have been with TELECO since May 16 2022.