Teleco Shares the Top 3
Business Collaboration Tools in 2020

Teleco, a leading managed technology services provider (MTSP), shared the top 3 business collaboration tools in 2020. Small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) need to be able to collaborate across teams and departments and unfortunately, the old way of doing business simply has become obsolete, due to its inefficiencies. Teleco is actively engaged in educating the business community with how SMBs can utilize the latest in technology to position themselves to grow substantially in 2020, and if there’s a single feature that virtually every organization needs it is the ability to collaborate…

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Working from Home During the Pandemic? Use Technology to Stay Connected and Thrive

Mastering remote work is all about using the right tools to stay productive, healthy and efficient. Most challenges of working remotely can be mostly solved with the use of digital tools. Some of the common challenges to consider are:

  • Time management and control
  • Selecting the correct tech tools and building infrastructure
  • Rebuilding traditional processes
  • Security

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Make These Cybersecurity New Year’s Resolutions



Individuals should resolve to make sure all their Internet-connected devices have the latest security updates. First, make a list of what you have — smartphones, modems, tablets, laptops, desktop computers, outside video cameras, doorbells and whatever else. Updating phones and computers is relatively easy.

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Teleco raises $3,000.00 for the United Way


TELECO is happy to announce that they have successfully raised and donated $3,000 to the United Way. In the wake of the current pandemic, many families have suffered from economic uncertainty, which has been extremely challenging for some this holiday season.

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