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July 2020

Home Office Made Easy



Home Office Made Easy (H O M E)

Welcome to our HOME (Home Office Made Easy) solution providing you with an exceptional home office experience. From consultation, design, installation and support trust Open Mind Interiors and TELECO. Your local professional experts working together to provide you with all your technology and office furniture needs in one customized package. Let our product experts create a home office that’s an extension of your business office so you have the freedom to move seamlessly between both without sacrificing technology, efficiency and productivity.

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Your credentials have been compromised. Now What?

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You’ve just discovered there are compromised employee credentials or other sensitive data of your company exposed and available on the Dark Web.

The reality is, once exposed on the Dark Web, your information cannot ever be completely removed or hidden.

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Data Back Ups

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By Sean Andrew-Cotter

Let’s face it, backups are not sexy and are seen by some as an extra unnecessary expense. They are like insurance…intangible…UNTIL you need your data. Many people think that they have a backup on tape or portable disk so all is good with their data.

An adage that I follow is “if you only have the original file then the file is not important to you”. It is followed by “if you only have 1 copy of a file it is only slightly more important to you”. You need at least two backups and the original with one backup on different media than the original and one copy physically separated from the others.

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Humanize IT Podcast – Tales from around the world

Listen to our Director of Operations, Penny Belluz, as she discusses Cybersecurity and how Teleco has adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic in Thunder Bay.

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TELECO Mission Statement

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