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TELECO Joins with Wake the Giant to Make a Difference

MTSP – What Is It and Why You Need It.

TELECO Sales Team
When it comes to IT, most business owners would love to have cutting edge technology, modern equipment and software, bullet-proof security and solid back-up disaster recovery plans. We also want this to be seamless, cost effective and time efficient so we can spend our time and effort on what we do best – growing our business! With Managed IT services you can have all of that. MTSP’s are Managed Technology Service Providers.

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Desktop Phone Doomsayers Once Again Proven Wrong

TELECO Sales Team
Most employees continue to give a ringing endorsement to the office desk phone. Avaya’s 2019 State of the Desktop Report shows that the desktop device is still an essential element of business communications. The research, based on a survey of 1,200 full-time workers, found that over half of workers use their desktop as their primary device. When asked what device they would prefer, a desktop telephone with a cordless handset was the top choice.

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Get the Competitive Edge and Cut Costs With Cloud Phones

TELECO Sales Team
Enhance your business with cloud phones that provide features like a virtual receptionist, toll-free numbers, advanced greetings, customizable voicemail, voicemail to email, electronic fax, and call-answering mobility. Never miss a call thanks to multiple-device ringing capability. Combined with advanced call screening features, this allows critical calls to reach you – no matter what.

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TELECO Joins with Wake the Giant

TELECO Sales Team
TELECO is proud and happy to put the Wake the Giant decal on our
front door and be a part of the project to contribute to co-creating an inclusive community to identify and increase
safe spaces for indigenous youth. It’s a good reminder that we can all make a difference.

  1. Be a safe place
  2. Use respectful language
  3. Increase Awareness
  4. Acknowledge in a positive way
  5. Speak up
  6. Be welcoming

We encourage all local businesses to make a difference and be a leader and join the project.
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TELECO Mission Statement
To integrate leading edge technology that maximizes profitability and efficiency by exceeding your expectations with our services and making your business, our business.


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